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Inauguration of Semera Industry Park

Last Saturday, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated the Semera Industry Park in the Afar regional state. The park is expected to be built on 1000 hectares of land. The first phase of completion has been completed on 200 hectares of land.

It took ten months to build this park and expected to attract investments in textiles, clothing, leather manufacturing, among other industries.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said at the inauguration of the park “the Semera Industry Park is a catalyst for accelerated trade along a crucial import/export corridor."

In addition to officials said that the area, the plant, which covers 500,000 square kilometers of land, will play a significant role in providing employment for local youth and establishing a business connection for surrounding communities.

Semera Industrial Park's proximity to Ethiopia's key sea outlets, the ports of Tadjourah and Djibouti, will foster a favorable investment climate in the region. The park's construction will be critical in boosting the state's economy and the national economy as a whole. The industrial park will have access to the Assab Port until it is completed.

The plot of land will play an important role in providing employment for local youth and establishing a market connection for the surrounding communities. With the exception of a few final events, the park's construction is nearly complete.

Noting that the industrial park would provide a wide range of benefits to the people of Afar, which encouraged them to contribute their fair share to the project's timely completion and effectiveness.

The afar regional state, with its vast natural endowments and blessings such as fertile arable land that can be commercially farmed as well as used for the production of industrial inputs such as cotton, various mineral resources, and livestock, among other things, offers multiple sectors of engagement for Industrial park end users.

The Industrial Park also includes infrastructure, properties, services, utilities, and systems that are important to the manufacturing sector and were constructed with the goal of forming a long-term industrial cluster.

In accordance with the applicable legal structures for industrial parks, IPDC facilitates the transfer of industrial park land to other private developers and companies interested in creating their own manufacturing sheds and ancillary buildings, in addition to developing a land allocated and integrated into its land bank.

These would ensure that the allocated land would be used for the intended purpose.

The Chinese construction company CCCC Ltd (Ethiopian) branch is in charge of the semera industrial park's construction.

The industrial park's strategic position at the crossroads of incoming and outgoing goods into and out of the country makes it ideal for future investment ventures wishing to participate in the export market.