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  • 2 years, 5 months ago

IPDC evaluates the performance of the first six months of the 2014 fiscal year

Industrial Parks Development Corporation has reviewed the performance of the 2014 fiscal year with the leadership of the corporation in Adama.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation, Sandokan Debebe, Deputy Chief Executive, Shiferaw Solomon, Transformation and Chief Executive Officer, Addisu Mamo, as well as corporation department heads and park managers have participated in the forum.

Derbe Debela, General Manager of Adama Industrial Park, conveyed a welcome message to the forum.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation said the forum will help the corporation to understand its current status, identify planned and unfinished activities and carry out the corporation's success.

Shiferaw Solomon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, presented the corporation's six-month performance from Operations Sector and CJC (Competition and Entrepreneurship Project), Head of Transformation and Chief Executive Office Addisu Mamo from Corporate Sector, Murad Hussien from Development, Surafel Shimeles from Ict Park, Ermias Alemu from IPS (Industrial Project Service) and Getnet Dinberu from Law presented the detailed performance of each sector for six months.

Various questions and comments were raised from the participants on the performance reports and extensive discussions were held.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation commented on the presentations and discussions, and finally outlined the main points to be made in the next six months.

In addition to the performance appraisal forum, the leaders and staff who participated in the discussion observed the current activities of Adama Industrial Park.