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Industrial Parks Development Corporation signs Industrial-University Partnership MoU

Industrial Parks Development Corporation signs Industrial-University Partnership Memorandum of Understanding with Addis Ababa University
Industrial Parks Development Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Addis Ababa University to work together on knowledge, skills and technology transfer.
The signing ceremony was performed by the CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, Sandokan Debebe, and Addis Ababa University President, Prof. Tassew Woldehana.
Sandokan Debebe, CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, said he was glad to be there at the signing ceremony to put the concerns they had previously discussed into action. 
He said there are more than 100 investors and over 85,000 citizens are working in the 13 parks that we are building and managing in various sectors. He added that a lot of work can be done by the university community through training, consulting and multi sectored research, which is why we are signing a memorandum of understanding. 
According to him, the MoU should make student internships easier; professors should undertake various research and communicate with the university to solve the corporation's difficulties; and the agreement should make a difference and implement initiatives as quickly as feasible.
Addis Ababa University President, Professor Tassew Woldehana, on his part said the agreement reached during the past few months and the signing of a MoU shows the strong desire to work together between the two institutions. 
He said that by collaborating with universities, developed-country institutions had made a significant effect. The work of the business is critical in making Ethiopia a middle-income country, and the agreement is critical, he noted.
The professor said with this agreement, both our students and teachers can go to industrial parks to help and support the corporation and their education. He stated the corporation can carry out knowledge-based work which will greatly benefit the country.
It should be noted that the two institutions that signed the MoU had previously discussed how to put the agreement into action.