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Journalist Hermela Aregawi visits Bole Lemi Industrial Park

Hermela Aregawi, a journalist who is the coordinator of the #nomore campaign and has been presenting Ethiopia's truth throughout the world, paid a visit to the Bole Lemi Industrial Park.
Journalist Hermela Aregawi visits Bole Lemi Industrial Park and saw The overall activity of the park. 
Shiferaw Solomon, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation, Addisu Mamo, Head of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation Transformation and Chief Executive Officer, as well as the manager and staff of Bole Lemi Industrial Park has attended the visit. 
During her visit, the journalist was given a tour of the Bole Lemi Industrial Park, including its goods and manufacturing process, as well as the park's general activities.
In addition, Shints Garment PLC is one of the park's producers. Mr. Harry Choi, the company's general manager, gave a detailed summary of the company's products and services. The presentation drew questions and remarks, which were debated.
Hermela, a journalist, expressed her thanks for the tour and everything she had observed. She also expressed an interest in participating in other park events and visiting other parks.
Hermela Aregawi, an Ethiopian-born CBS journalist who came to Ethiopia at the invitation of the government, has been presenting the reality of Ethiopia around the world as a #nomore campaign coordinator.