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Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone is The Small Ethiopia

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd) said this while officially inaugurating the first free trade zone in Ethiopia. The Free Trade Zone in Dire Dawa was officially inaugurated today in the presence of the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd).
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd), who inaugurated the free trade zone and officially started it, said that this Dire Dawa free trade zone will build a simple and efficient system in all fields.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who started his speech by saying that the Free Trade Zone of Dire Dawa is like a small Ethiopia, sent a congratulatory message to the people of Dire  Dawa.
Prime Minister Abiy pointed out that economically developed countries in the world have implemented this type of project many years ago. One of the sectors that Ethiopia has neglected is the establishment of a free trade zone system, and it has been achieved he said and that we need to identify other areas where we have been sleeping and wake up.
Finally, He sent a message for Ethiopian investors to be the first to benefit from this free trade zone and pointed that this does not mean that we have finished. He confirmed by saying that we will continue to implement such new operating systems and expand efficient logistics, business, and various modern services throughout Ethiopia.
The Minister of Transport and Logistics Mrs. Dagmawit Moges attended the inauguration ceremony, gave a congratulatory message, and said that the fact that the zone is connected to the dry port of Dire Dawa will allow production in the sector, and she asked everyone to play their part so that the free trade zone can achieve the desired results.
On his part, Sandokan Debebe, CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation, mentioned that the corporation has been working with the relevant government bodies for the past few months to make the Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone operational. He added that the zone is a place where various goods are imported from different countries, produced, and supplied to the foreign market, where commercial financial and logistics services are provided efficiently.
Mr. Sandokan said that it is believed that the free trade zone will create the ability to stabilize the commodity price inflation that is being observed in our country in connection with the logistics costs and to fill the gap in the supply of raw materials and value chain faced by the manufacturing industries.
On the other hand, Mr. Kedir Jewar Mayor of Dire Dawa city said this free trade zone will play a great role in restoring the former name of Dire Dawa, the City thanked for this and confirmed that the administration is committed to provide all the necessary support for the efficient service of the free trade zone.
The Industrial Parks Development Corporation, in cooperation with various partner institutions and relevant Government parties, has completed the necessary legal frameworks, infrastructure arrangements and other necessary services for the Dire Dawa Free Trade Zone and made it ready for use today.
In the Free trade zone, the country's customs system is implemented in a way that facilitates the development, and it has been described those investors, organizations and importer and exporters operating in the region will be provided with various incentives.
This free trade zone, which is expected to make a significant contribution to facilitate and increase foreign trade, create a wide range of employment opportunities, increase proxy products, facilitate the transfer of knowledge, and to store domestic products and reduce logistics costs and will play a significant role in strengthening the value chain.