IPDC wins FEMOZA award

INDUSTRIAL PARKS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (IPDC) has won the prestigious FEMOZA award by FEMOZA - The World Free & Special Economic Zones Federation.

The Board of FEMOZA in a recent message sent to IPDC confirmed the selection of the IPDC for the FEMOZA Award during the FEMOZA Awards ceremony scheduled on November 14, 2019.

The award will be handed over in the SU-Meet in Monaco, a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera in Western Europe during November 13-15, 2019.

“On behalf of the Board of FEMOZA, we have the honor and pleasure of confirming that IPDC has been selected to receive a FEMOZA Award during the FEMOZA Awards ceremony scheduled on November 14, 2019,” the statement issued from FEMOZA read.

The Board of the Geneva-based non-profit non-governmental organization working to further free zones around the world to them develop, especially, in emerging nations and countries in transition, earlier nominated IPDC for the award.

FEMOZA’s functions involve offering experience, issuing norms, rules and processes, training professionals and assisting with technical, legal and economic support for free zones around the world, helping them set up, develop and grow.

It ensures free zones such as export processing zones (EPZ), Industrial Parks, services, tourism, logistics, freeport, bonded warehouse through sharing experiences as well as information and technology.

Studying the changes in international law which may affect or restrict free zone facilities and operational advantages, FEMOZA held protect free zones so that they keep revitalizing the economy.

The organization has selected IPDC for the award as Ethiopia Industrial park development corporation is a winning combination with its competitors in Eco-friendly Industrial park, business-friendly environment and cost structure that can give the investors best returns for its industrious, selecting strategic location, regional connectivity, and worldwide access, IPDC is committed to boosting industrial parks through the highest standards of professionalism; to drive industrialization, promote exports, and create employment opportunities so as to contribute to the country’s overall development goal of the middle-income status. In realizing the mission and vision IPDC adheres to the highest level of integrity, professionalism, the natural and physical environment and the use of efficient and effective resources and client/customer satisfaction. IPDC is rapidly growing, it developed 12 industrial parks in which 7 of them are operational and generated more than 252 Million USD exports, more than 55,000 direct jobs. It’s able to contribute to the macro-economic value of Ethiopia within 5 years of establishment. IPDC follows the principle of eco-friendly development such as a zero liquid discharge system.

Source:- IPDC

 Ethiopia Attaches Great Attention to Create Conducive Investment Climate

Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen met with members of Africa’s committee of the French private sector confederation in Paris; France. During the discussion, Demeke provided a briefing to the participants on the reform programs introduced by Ethiopia to encourage investment in the country.

The government has attached great attention towards creating conducive investment climate for foreign investors, he said. The effective implementation of the reform programs would contribute for the growth of the economic ties between Ethiopia and France, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Members of Africa’s Committee of the Confederation commended the homegrown economic reform agenda launched by the Government of Ethiopia.

They also pledged to increase their investment in the Horn of African country.

Oct 21, 2019

Source: - FBC

 China-Ethiopia Industrial Exhibition Kicks Off in Addis

China-Ethiopia Industrial Exhibition Kicks Off in Addis. Industrial Exhibition which promotes trade and investment between China and Ethiopia kicked off at the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center today.

The four-day expo is aimed at enhancing cooperation and building the capacity of Ethiopian industrialists by creating a platform through which Chinese entrepreneurs and their counterparts could exchange business ideas.

Industry, energy and agro-processing machinery as well as automobiles are among the displays at the exhibition.

Some 46 enterprises from 15 Chinese provinces are taking part in the second industrial exposition.

On the sidelines of the exposition, China-Africa energy cooperation forum will be held, it was learned.

The exhibition is hosted by China Council for Promotion of International Trade, China-Africa Development Fund, Ethiopian Investment Commission, and Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectorial Associations.

October 22 /2019


 Ethiopia to Build Integrated Agricultural Processing Industrial Parks in Four States

Ethiopia is to build Integrated Agricultural Processing-Industrial Parks in four states at a cost of $84.22 million.

The project fund was originally pledged during an event organized by Ethiopian Ministry of Trade and Industry on October 8, 2019 in Bishoftu’s Pyramid Resort. The event was organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry after African Development Bank pledge for project funding.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Fetlework G/Egziabher, the state minster, higher level regional officials and project managers were present during the pledging ceremony.

The sponsorship for the project for agricultural processing comes from the African Development Bank, the Korea Exim Bank, the European Union, the United Nations industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Big Wynn.

In an opening remark, Fetlework G/Egziabher said in accordance with the second phase of the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTPII) the ministry will be more focused on the manufacturing sector.

‘It is very essential that the government give more emphasis to boost the manufacturing sector,’ the Trade and Industry Minister said. ‘Bringing significant growth in the manufacturing industry can play a leading role in job creation, technology transfer, structural shift in Ethiopian export, and address trade imbalance.’

‘The government strategy mainly focuses on the implementation of project programs which gear towards attracting quality investment, enhancing production and productivity, boosting export shares, accelerating technological learning and strengthen the linkage among industry,’ she added.

Fetelework G/Egziabher said the government is working to update the sector and that encouraging results have been recorded throughout the process.

The constructions of integrated agro-industrial parks pilot project in four regional States are the blue prints for the progress made by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

‘The development of these parks has a positive role in boosting agricultural productivity, and the government will build rural transition centers around the park,’ said Fetlework G/Egziabher. ‘We will work on increasing productive capacity, building on an already-strong infrastructure project pipeline (particularly in hydropower, road and rail), and reforming the business environment that drive growth for the Country in the past few years.’

According to report, the money from the African Development Bank will be used for the construction of integrated agro-industrial parks in four regional states in the Country.

October 8, 2019


 Institutions sign MoU to integrate infrastructural dev’t projects

Some 7 federal institutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to integrate their infrastructural projects in this Ethiopian Fiscal Year.

The federal institutions that signed the MoU on Thursday are the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), Ethio-Telecom, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU), Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC), Ethiopian Airport Enterprise, and Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC).

Federal Integrated Infrastructure Development Coordinating Agency Director-General, AlmawMengiste said on the occasion, the main objective of the MoU is to implement the integrated project plans in the fiscal year.

Signing the MoU helps the stakeholders to execute infrastructural development projects in a coordinated manner so as to save time, money, skill and other human resources from unnecessary wastage, he said.

According to him, signatories of the MoU will be held accountable, if they fail to abide by the memorandum and execute projects accordingly.

The proper implementation of the MoU will be supervised by a team drawn from the federal institutions.

19 October 2019


 Chinese textile opens shop in Dire Dawa

Cotton Textile Plc, a Chinese textile manufacturer, has opened its textile factory in Dire Dawa’s Industrial Park. Found inside 52 hectares of land with over USD 220 million spent, it has, so far, created more than 1500 local jobs in the area and is expected to reach 3500 once it’s fully operational.

“This is to be a great investment for us and we continue to look for opportunities to expand within Ethiopia,” Zhang Sheng Ming, General Manager of the company in Ethiopia told The Reporter, adding, “Ethiopia, with its investment favorable environment and young population, continues to be a place where we can utilize our expertise while becoming a corporate citizen and a friendly neighbor within the city of Dire Dawa.”

The century-old company signed a memorandum-of-understanding in 2017 with the intent of exporting its quality products to European, North American, Japan and other markets from the park.

The mega manufacturer of fabric products produces more than 26,000 tons and 30 million meters of gray fabrics annually at all its operations.

Ethiopia continues to attract a slew of investments from China, in areas of construction of roads, airports, factories, and manufacturing. It is a leading source of much-needed jobs within the nation. It has been a noted partner in the nation’s signature industrial parks that are being built across the country and has been credited to helping change the economic successes of the nation that is fast-moving from aid dependency to a culture of entrepreneurship.

The company is to use a 100 percent pollution-free and environmentally friendly re-generated system within Ethiopia.

“In addition to what we do, we are very much interested in, the impact of the environment and complement it, instead of harming it. We are an environmentally conscious company and that is how we want to be known in Ethiopia,” Ming added.

19 October 2019


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