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Yes, we do have sheds, but under construction.  We work aggressively to make the sheds ready within the coming few months. It is, therefore, advisable to investors to sign lease contract fulfilling the requirement.  We provide lease service to investors based on first come first service. It is; therefore, better to begin with recruitment and training of staff ahead of time.

It is welcome at all time and to your convenient.


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  • For further information please visit us at:  Industrial Park Development Corporation (IPDC)
    Bishangari Building, Comoros Street (opposite to Embassy of the Republic of Kenya),
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Yes, the government is highly committed to welcome investor to invest in Ethiopian in general and in the industrial parks in particular. It is in this context, the government makes special attention to industrial parks (including private industrial development parks) provide exemption from income tax for 10 years in and around addis ababa and 15 years outside addis ababa for developers.

  Further, to encourage private investment and promote the inflow of FDI, technology and know-how transfer, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives are committed depending on volume of export and investment location.

Yes, the Ethiopian Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC) will come up with detail rent rates of factory sheds and lease rates of serviced land. This is because the factory sheds lease price and serviced land are mainly determined by the location they are, the distance and infrastructural facilities and utility servicing.

Yes, the Ethiopian Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) is one of the financial intuitions engaged in providing short, medium and long term development credits, including others financial institutions too. Projects financed by the banks are carefully selected and prepared, thoroughly appraised, closely supervised and systematically evaluated (feasibility and bankability). The bank will finance the balance up to a maximum of 70% of the total project cost after utilization of the 30% equity contribution by the borrower. Technical details can be managed by the bank and borrower.

  Further information and enquires can be managed by our IPDC in general and marketing research and promotion directorate in particular through all possible means of communication (printing &electronics) and business networking.

Between 2016 and 2025, IPDC will built or facilitate the development of 20 million m2 of factory floor (2 million m2 annually).

Between 2016 and 2025, IPDC will develop a total of 100,000 ha of industrial land (10,000 ha annually)

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